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1. How often do the Opal Flutes rehearse?

  • 2. From where do the Opal Flutes get their name?

  • 3. When playing a top C on a concert flute, how many keys need to be depressed?

  • 4. When playing a top D, which finger could you use to trill to an E Flat?

  • 5. When playing the written note 'C' on an alto flute, which note would you actually hear?

  • 6. Which of the following is not in the current Opal Flutes repertoire?

  • 7. Which 1970's Dutch folk band features a flute-playing front man?

  • 8. Where was the Opal Flutes' first ever performance?

  • 9. Which member of the Opal Flutes does not take milk in their tea?

  • 10. What are the three main biscuits at the Opal Flutes rehearsals?

  • 11. Which of the following is not an abbreviation for flutter tonguing?

  • 12. Holst's 'The Planets' is scored for how many flutes in G?

  • 13. Which famous flautist played on the Lord of the rings soundtrack composed by Howard Shore?

  • 14. The main disadvantage of the hyperbass flute is:

  • 15. A subcontra-bass flute reaches notes that are:

  • 16. According to the instrument classification of Hornbostel-Sachs, flutes are categorized as:

  • 17. Which of the following was one of the earliest pieces to use a piccolo?

  • 18. In comparison to a concert flute, the bass flute has:

  • 19. The bass flute is rather difficult to play in its lower octave because:

  • 20. Who introduced the current western flute’s design?